Painting is the mirror of our inner landscape.
Everything can be seen in the painting,  the kind of space you are in and
what is happening inside.

In this way of abstract painting our body, the energy easily connects colors and water to help explore
our emotions, feelings, sensitivity, breaking beliefs or conditioning which we have acquired from the outside world. 
It is a beautiful way to break away from the mind´s power over us by being spontaneous with our energy and expressing our authentic truth. Then the art can bring great healing, joy, love and profound insights into our consciousness and all life situations. 

When we connect with our creative inner child we forget about the past and future while enjoying the present moment and follow our spontaneous energy.  
That is the time your mind disappears but the body gets energized and the heart sings your own song!

During the process we may face what is actually blocking or disturbing our creativity.
For example our inner voice will sometimes tell us..

"I´m not enough."
"I don´t know how to be creative."
"If I do this what will others say ?"
"Others are always better than me..."

Many times the inner criticism and judgements comes from our subconscious programming during childhood. 
We are going to investigate it with a variety of exercises, meditations, 
 Family Constellation, Gestalt work, dance, touch and intimate sharing with friends to explore our highest potential.

It is not necessary to have an experience of Art or painting before hand. 
The retreat is for people who wish to be more conscious and find a way of bringing creativity  your daily life, work, relationship,etc... 

Everyone is born with love. 
Everyone is born to be creative.

Welcome to live your creativity!

A creativity that comes out of meditative innocence, of meditative purity. 
And a real creator is possible only through meditation.