Facilitator and Team

Kantu Rumi Nishigori from Japan. She lived in India, Spain and Norway last 14years and moved in Bali since 2019.
She started exploring many different kind of meditations and therapy, body movements and art
at the Osho International Meditation Resort India since 2002.
She has trained Gurdjieff Movements, Osho Master painter training, ARUN Conscious Touch, 
Family Constellation, Zen way of Counseling, Clean Communication(UK).
Certified Meera Art Foundation therapist. The founder of Nishigori Japanese Facial massage.

Her passion is experience  "Yes to life" and sharing the awareness and love through art and meditation to bring one´s authentic expression, joy and creativity into life.
She gives the art workshops in EU, China and Japan also offering the therapy and bodywork session, meditation gathering in Bali.

This art therapy is created by a remarkable artist Meera Hashimoto who is inspired by the vision of the enlightened mystic Osho. She has combined the art, meditation and therapy to encourage people to express an individual´s uniqueness and opening one´s potential of life in creative ways  all over the world till she passed away in 2017.
There is an experienced and lovely team from the West and Japan whom will hold the space :)